Character Theme Selections

Character Creation Process:

  1. Each player selects 2-3 character themes that they like
  2. Each player develops a race/class combination for each of their themes
    1. race/class can be fleshed out into a full character via the Character Builder
    2. Since I am a generous DM, each of your characters start with basic clothing and 150gp to buy equipment, weapons and adventuring gear. This may be negotiable depending on your character background and bribes offered.
    3. Once created, please add it to the campaign “Characters” tab. Add your character’s Race/Class and any/all background or theme information you may have already generated.
  3. Each player develops a 4 paragraph background for each of their characters
    1. Give a basic description of your character including demeanor with strangers and/or companions, habits, tics, other details that would noticed by discreet observation.
    2. Give a detailed description of what circumstances motivated your character to go out into the world and eventually arrive in Neverwinter.
    3. Add any abstract details about your character such as: enemies he/she may have, particular prejudices he/she may have, fears/phobias, etc.
  4. Each player selects one of their characters to start with. If that character perishes while exploring Neverwinter, you will have the option to bring your second character into the campaign or roll a fresh character up using the steps above (at your own pace).
  5. Either way, you should always have a “backup” character waiting in the wings. In this campaign, I expect your characters to seriously think hard about their odds of survival before engaging in combat.

Finally, the party will agree together on whether their characters know each other or are strangers and under what circumstances they will begin the campaign.

Each player should become acquainted with the supplemental material for their theme and the links provided below. Also, each player should review basic Neverwinter information.

Ben’s Theme Choices

Chris’s Theme Choices

David’s Theme Choices

Nevada’s Theme Choices

Stephanie’s Theme Choices



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