Party Creation Story

This is how it all began...

Having concluded his training in Everlund, Dorian has taken to the road and traveled to Neverwinter. While his motives for traveling there are unknown, he has nonetheless been in the city for some time. He frequents The Moonstone Mask where he awaits an opportunity to clear his name and complete his mission.

Marster, recently traumatized and lost in the world, happens across a couple of campers. He sees his opportunity for protection and sustenance and hides out in their equipment. Along comes Acheron passing through on his quest to revive his tribe’s honor. Acheron and the two campers agree that it is mutually beneficial to travel together, but Acheron realizes something is amiss. Eventually, he is able to find the pixie stow-away and confront his motives. The two, after some frank discussion and a rather awkward display of pixie dust, establish that they are both looking for allies in nearby Neverwinter and that they could perhaps work together to accomplish their goals. The two of them further agree that the two peasants they are camping with are dumber than a barrel of goblins and they subsequently ditch the campers and make their way to Neverwinter.

In the mean time, Nadarr has had quite the journey traveling across half of Faerun to avenge the murder of someone close to him. As he nears the Neverwinter Wood, he feels strangely drawn toward the city. He begins to dream of a group of companions distinguished by the presence of a pixie. Following his intuition and the calling of his dreams, Nadarr begins the process of tracking down these potential allies. Nadarr arrives in Neverwinter where he bumps into Dorian in the Protector’s Enclave. Nadarr also takes a room at the Moonstone Mask after he convinces Dorian that their allies will arrive soon. Nadarr’s room is conveniently sized correctly to accomodate his larger frame and tail, for which he is grateful.

Soon after Nadarr and Dorian meet in Neverwinter, there is a ruckus at the front gate. It seems a barbarian from one of the Uthgardt tribes is trying to gain access to the city, but he will not allow the Mintarn guards to inspect his rucksack. Neither the Mintarns nor the barbarian show any signs of backing down and a battle is brewing. Nadarr, recognizing the barbarian as another of the companions from his dreams, urges Dorian to intercede. Dorian, in a stunning display of diplomacy and ego stroking, convinces the guards that “Russel” is a trapper and agent of a local trading concern and he assures them that he will make sure “Russel” causes no more trouble. He also pays them 5gp. Each.

The trio proceed into the heart of the city and… (Continued 3/8/2012)



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