Session 1


Eleasis 16, 1479

The characters pow-wow in a side alley after leaving the gates. Marster is revealed after Nadarr mentions that only the faerie is missing. Much jaw-dropping ensues. Dorian collects pixie dust samples from Acheron’s backpack.

The group adjourns to the moonstone mask. Liset Cheldar falls all over Acheron. Nadarr sits near the door, Acheron near the fireplace. A small brawl breaks out in the dining room while Liset is occupied with the party. She leaves to re-establish peace.

Nadarr confesses his need for revenge against the person who killed his friend, Sue. Marster tells his story of Aramil and that he seeks to avenge his friend.

The party ventures into the Blacklake District en route to the House of a Thousand Faces. They are confronted by a small group of thugs who are easily chased off and they ultimately arrive unmolested. Determined to clear his name Dorian seeks an audience with Theryis. Marster sneaks into the room with Dorian while Nadarr posts guard outside in case their is trouble. Theryis is not convinced that Dorian isn’t the killer and she suggests he keep his pixie under control. He strikes a deal to find the true murderer within a month’s time.

Upon returning to the Moonstone Mask, Liset informs Acheron that General Sabine would be available to see him tomorrow.


Upcoming questions for General Sabine, from Acheron, as he tries to coyly dig for information. What do you know of the Uthgardt (barbarian) tribes? What do you know of the Gray Wolves? What do you know of the dark (shadowed) ones (reborn of Netheril)?

Session 1

Another question for General Sabine, concerning the possible whereabouts of the former chief of the Gray Wolf tribe, Dagul (who I honestly did not realize had a name so similar to Lord Neverember; oops). “He would be scarred heavily. Ethraniev tore into him with tooth, claw, and blade. He left the tribe, but he left alive.”

Session 1

I apologize for not responding sooner, but I’ve seen these comments and we will cover them tonight in session :)

Session 1

Not a problem. I haven’t been able to form any new questions yet, though I’ve decided Acheron will not be coy. It’s certainly not his style. Since he is dealing with a general, a leader of these people, he is already placing a certain amount of trust in them. He will be far more open about his problems now.

Session 1

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