Session 2

The following night, all of the guests of the Moonstone Mask were troubled by dreams of the Chasm. It would seem that many of those living in Neverwinter are subjected to such nightly horrors. The following morning, most were awake early, troubled.

Eleasis 17, 1479

While breakfast was had, Acheron waited for his meeting with General Sabine, and Marster played a jaunty tune that the dragonborn Nadarr was quick to dance to, earning many nervous glances from the silently intimidated patrons. Eventually General Sabine arrived, another shining example of Mintarn hospitality. After some rather blunt conversation, Sabine retired to a back room for the meeting.

Acheron asked questions about his tribe, and the shadowed ones that had come to deceive his people. Sabine was lacking in clear answers, instead ultimately directing the party to the House of Knowledge, a temple of Oghma that had been sealed decades ago. After inquiring about some work, the party left, planning to stop by the House of Knowledge on the way to the wall and graveyard to meet with Durham Shaw, the captain at the wall.

They found the place sealed and examined the door more closely. After some insight by Marster, they were able to unseal the vault, much to the surprise of onlookers. Entering the decrepit building, they were greeted by crazed laughter, and chased after the light of a lantern leading down further inside. They were subjected to several traps, ranging from the mildly annoying to the potentially harmful. They eventually ran (literally) into the keeper of the House of Knowledge (whose name escapes me at the moment). His time sealed away had left him somewhat addled, and all of the party’s questions were answered cryptically.

Before any real knowledge could be garnered, a bell was rung outside, warning of impending monsters having escaped into the city. The party quickly traveled back up to the streets to be confronted by several monstrous aberrations. With weapons and implements drawn, they dove into battle. After a short but bloody fight, they were victorious, with Acheron looking more than a little bit cowed by the beating he took.



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