Session 3

After defeating the malformed creatures near the House of Knowledge, the party followed the advice of General Sabine and looked up Captain Durham “The Bull” Shaw. Dorian, realizing that “Durham” begins with a ‘D’ considered that the knife he had in his possession could belong to the Captain as it has a ‘D’ inscribed into its hilt. Indeed, when he looked at the knife the Captain was wearing, it appeared to be relatively new and certainly less worn than the other weapons Captain Shaw was armed with.

Deciding that discretion was the better part of valor, Dorian did not allow Captain Shaw to know about the knife, determining instead to investigate Shaw further.

Captain Shaw directed the party to the cemetery of Neverdeath where lately it seems that the “recently departed” were going missing from their graves, sometimes showing up in the city as undead. The party headed toward Neverdeath, stopping on the way for some dinner and to purchase any needed supplies. Acheron, having read the owner’s manual that came with his climber’s kit, realized that it did not include rope so he and Marster each bought some. Acheron did not purchase any torches, an oversight which would reveal itself later.

Arriving at the cemetery, the party opened the gate, which protested loudly, and entered. They turned to the right and began following the wall. Mysterious sounds emanated from the interior. By this time, the sun had set, the moon had risen, and only Marster was able to see any distance. Looking intently into the interior of the cemetery and toward the sounds, he saw what appeared to be movement. Dorian sensed a source of arcane power at or near the center of the cemetery. The party decided to investigate.

By being quite stealthy, despite the best efforts of Nadarr to draw attention to themselves, they managed to make their way to a mausoleum of the Waterclock Guild. Unsurprisingly, the entrance was secured with an intricate locking mechanism beyond the abilities of any party member to comprehend, let alone circumvent. Marster flew to the top of the structure and looked out over the cemetery grounds and was finally able to identify the source of the sounds and movement: a veritable horde of undead shambling out from the center toward the walls. As he watched, the leading edge of the horde passed their location, but they remained undetected.

Deciding to investigate further, Acheron made his way stealthily away from the party and further into the interior of the cemetery. Unfortunately, as he progressed, the density of the horde increased and he was ultimately spotted. Despite attempts to hide, several undead closed on his position and he was forced to defend himself.

He enjoyed considerable success; the undead would go down at seemingly the slightest injury. However, for every one he dispatched, two more would take its place. He tried to make his way back to the party but an undead managed to grab him. Alerted by Marster to Acheron’s predicament, the party leapt into the fray.

Nadarr literally blew away the three zombies that had surrounded Acheron using his Dragon Breath. The others laid into the shambling corpses with gusto and success, but even so they knew that they would eventually be overwhelmed by the sheer weight of numbers. After clearing out their immediate vicinity, the party retreated and exited the cemetery.

Once outside, they noticed that the undead were not actually leaving the cemetery but stopping once they reached the wall. The party could have spent the whole night taking potshots at them through the bars of the gate but decided on a different course of action. Come the dawn, they would re-enter the cemetery, make their way to the center, and try to locate the source of magical power that Dorian had sensed.


Reading?! What decent barbarian has time for reading?

Session 3

Awesome job, Nevada!

Session 3

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