Session 4

After fleeing the zombie hordes in the graveyard, the party decided to divide forces for the evening. Marster and Nadarr remained at the graveyard, keeping a vigil upon the wall to wait until morning and see what the undead did. In the early hours of the morning, just before the dawn, the zombies began to return to the center of the graveyard, disappearing into a mausoleum.

Meanwhile, after deciding to return to the Moonstone Mask instead of stopping by the wall, Dorian and Acheron were surprised to find a drunken Durham Shaw accosting a traveler, claiming him to be the thief who stole his prized dagger. This happened to be the very same dagger that Dorian was now carrying in his efforts to clear his name of murder. Shaw was far too inebriated to be talked down, so Dorian pried some information from the locals about the incident while Acheron chatted with Liset.

Asmodeus symbol lee moyer Their activities were abruptly disrupted when two men came tumbling down the stairs. One was Shaw’s brother, claiming the other man (whose neck snapped in the fall) had tried to push him down the steps. In the bit of chaos that followed, Dorian convinced Acheron to give the body a look over while he distracted the Mintarn soldiers. Spotting some manner of scar, Acheron opened the man’s shirt to reveal a brand . Dorian was able to identify it as the symbol of Asmodeus (See picture left). The soldiers finally took the body away, and Acheron and Dorian decided to get some rest.

Eleasis 18, 1479

First thing in the morning, they left immediately to rejoin Marster and Nadarr at the graveyard. It was dawn when they arrived, and the party regrouped at the front of the mausoleum. Venturing within, they were beset upon by skeletal foes. The battles were brief, but fierce. Nothing seemed out of the ordinary, though there was almost no trace of where the horde of undead had gone. Thanks to his Arcane knowledge, however, Dorian was finally able to detect some faint connection to the Shadowfell, a thinness to reality. However, the party had no means of accessing this connection.

After checking the other two mausoleums in the center of the graveyard, the party again considered briefly dividing their forces. Marster and Nadarr were fatigued from their nightly vigil, and Acheron and Dorian wanted to continue on to speak with Durham Shaw about what they discovered.



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