Session 5

With the rising sun we find the party separated again. Marster, the pixie bard, and the bruising Dragonborn Nadarr decide they need some rest and return to the Moonstone Mask in an attempt to find their beds. Their napping is short-lived when Marster is awoken by a knock at his door. The visitor is none other than General Sabine who offers an invitation (command?) from Lord Dagult Neverember to come see him in his office. Marster is non-plussed and Sabine leaves him standing in the doorway after some banter.

Marster rushes to consult with Nadarr only to find the beast screaming bloody murder in his sleep. Nadarr awakens and asks if he had been screaming in his sleep to which Marster replies in the affirmative. They confer briefly about Nadarr’s dream as well as Neverember’s unexpected invitation then set out in search of their comrades.

In the mean time, Dorian and Acheron have spent their time searching for Durham Shaw only to find the wretch drowning his sorrows in ale again at the Moonstone Mask. Dorian and Acheron relate their findings from the graveyard to Durham who laments that he can no longer order any troops to clear the graveyard because of his lost dagger. Dorian then takes Durham aside and explains the circumstances under which he has come to possess Durham’s dagger. Liset enters to serve refreshments to the group whereupon Durham orders her to find his brother Elbret and bring him to the banquet room. Liset rushes off only to run into Marster and Nadarr as they are making their way out of the inn to search for their companions. Liset tips them off that Dorian and Acheron are in the building and why she is rushing to get Elbret. Marster and Nadarr decide to accompany her to Elbret’s room. Nadarr and Liset escort Elbret to the banquet room, but Marster manages to slip into the room just as the door is closing. He ransacks the room and finds a half-written, nearly incomprehensible letter that suggests Elbret is complicit in the loss of Durham’s dagger. He also finds a small cache of gold and jewels that he leaves intact (good pixie!). Marster makes his way to the banquet hall and arrives just as the interrogation festivities begin.

Through means both physical and psychological the party is able to determine that a half-elf with a curly mustache convinced Elbret to lash out at his brother by playing upon his jealousy and humiliation. Elbret agreed to a clandestine meeting at a warehouse in the Protector’s Enclave. He was met by three beings clothed in darkness; one with a woman’s voice but the others didn’t speak. The offer they made was to help him become the new head of his House by deposing his brother Durham Shaw. By losing his dagger, Shaw would fall into disgrace with the Mintarn forces and eventually lose his lands and titles. He would be forced to leave Neverwinter. With him removed from the picture, Elbret could then step in to become the NEW Captain of the Wall when he retrieved the dagger from a known group of murderers and thieves. Elbret was to provide the dagger to Voo (the half-elf) and also the gate codes for the 19th of the month. In exchange, after Shaw’s disgrace was complete, the dagger would be returned to Elbret via a mock attack from the Blacklake district. Shaw decides to take the interrogation from there. He thanks the group for their assistance with Elbret and for investigating the graveyard, then he writes a note for the party to take to the mayor so they can get paid for their efforts.

Liset is waiting just outside the doorway with an anonymous note for the party. It asks the party to send a single representative to the Handsome Lass tavern. Presumably the people sending the note can offer some assistance with a problem the party is wrestling with. Curiousity gets the better of the team and they decide to send Acheron to the meeting because he is glib of tongue and quick witted.

After reading the note, the party decides to divide their efforts yet again. Nadarr returns to his room presumably to continue his nap. The rest of the party heads over to the Hall of Justice where the mayor Soman Galt has his office as well as where Lord Neverember manages the government. The three manage to get their pay check from Soman (along with a hefty bonus, presumably for recovering Shaw’s dagger) without any significant injury or harm although Soman’s erratic behavior results on the guards being called and the three getting surreptitiously deposited on their backsides in front of the Hall (ok, well Marster hovers and flies away but you get the idea). Marster then makes his way to Neverember’s office to find out what such a lofty figure could want from a humble pixie traveler. Dorian and Acheron decide to wait for Marster in front of the Hall in case there is any trouble they might be able to assist.

To everyone’s surprise and amazement Nadarr has begun scaling the wall outside of Neverember’s office! He appears to be oblivious to the gasps and pointed fingers below him as he works his way up the wall, tail slashing from side to side and stones tumbling loose beneath his weight. Far more important is that he also fails to note all of the Mintarn guards that have gathered in the window above him in anticipation of his arrival. Sure enough, he ducks into the window only to be confronted by a dozen or more swords, polearms and decidedly unfriendly Mintarns. For once, prudence prevails over reflex and the Dragonborn warrior surrenders and allows himself to be escorted out of the building without resisting. Much. A couple of guards do have fat lips and bruising…

Marster’s meeting with Neverember is brief and unsatisfactory for both sides. A clear personality clash leads to a terse offer of employment (perhaps showing Neverember’s desperation for documents proving his genetic link to Lord Nasher the ancient King of Neverwinter). As the meeting comes to a close, Neverember seems offended and Marster defensive and suspicious.

Next is the meeting at the Handsome Lass. Marster and Nadarr finally retire for some MUCH needed rest while Dorian and Acheron head over to the meeting. Dorian finds a coffee house about 2 blocks from the tavern and settles in to wait for Acheron’s return. Acheron finds a seat in the tavern and is approached by none other than the man with the curly mustache! The man calls himself ‘Voo’ and he handles Acheron’s direct questions deftly without revealing any meaningful information. Voo explains that he has been directed to take Acheron to a certain location, but he has not been informed for what purpose or who his employers are (his position requires that he be a neutral resource for all parties). Acheron eventually (reluctantly) agrees to go with Voo. He is led across the city into the Blacklake district where he is subsequently hooded and led to a nondescript warehouse.

In the warehouse, a woman and two men in red robes with deep cowls hiding their features wait while Acheron’s eyes adjust to the light. Another person hangs in the background and Acheron’s enhanced doggy senses tell him that something is definitely NOT right with that person, but he cannot put together what the problem might be. Acheron banters with the woman for a while and determines that he is not going to find out who they work for, before getting down to the terms of the agreement. Acheron et al are to go into the Shadowfell city of Evernight through the thin spot between this reality and the deathly realm which they discovered in the graveyard. Once they are there, they are expected to locate and sabotage the Thayan supply train running between Thay and Evernight. To help them accomplish this mission they will receive a magic ring that makes the wearer appear to be a zombie or ghoul in all ways and also a ritual scroll that will open a portal bridging any ‘thin’ spot between this plane and the Shadowfell. After completing the mission, the party will be rewarded with a magical item of significant power. They will also prove their worth and potentially open new doors for future jobs and rewards. Acheron is uncertain and so the woman tells him that if the party decides to take her offer they should poor a pint of ale over a particular barrel outside the Moonstone Mask. The ring and ritual will be delivered to them. Acheron is then hooded and led back to the Blacklake district once more where he meets Voo and is escorted back into the Protector’s Enclave.

Dorian and Acheron ponder this new situation as they return to the Moonstone Mask and head to their beds.


Heh.. shouldn’t “glib of tongue” be in quotes?

Session 5

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