Session 6

Eleasis 19, 1479

The party gets up early and runs off in search of a nearby market where Acheron purchases torches and Marster a violin. Nadarr chooses to tell everyone about the horrible nightmares he has been having where he is going to or being tortured in the Chasm. There is some discussion about the wisdom of rushing off to a place that nobody has ever returned from and eventually the decision is made to seek more information from the House of Knowledge.

As they are making their way to the temple, Durham Shaw manages to catch up with them and request that they undertake a dangerous mission. He thinks that there will be an attack at a certain gate between the Protector’s Enclave and the Blacklake district that evening. His brother, Elbret, was told to go to this attack wherein he would defeat the bandits, find Shaw’s dagger, and thereby claim the power of Durham’s rank and nobility for himself. Since the attempt failed, Shaw believes the attackers will now attempt to assassinate his brother in the attack instead. The group is asked to accompany Elbret using him as bait to draw out the attackers, then capture one or more of the insurgents. The party is to keep Elbret safe, of course. After accepting the quest the adventurers proceed to the House of Knowledge.

In the House, the party is again drawn into a mad dash through the maze of traps only to find the Keeper again out of breath and impressed with their fortitude. He answers their questions in his usual cryptic manner. Marster learns that their may be some of the documents Lord Neverember is seeking in the Vault, but that he will have to defeat or disable the dragon spirit that guards the entrance. The key to defeating the dragon is in the vault of the Neverwinter Nine hidden within Castle Never. Nadarr, Acheron and Dorian all ask some questions related to the Chasm and the group decides to leave. When asked how they can repay him, the Keeper asks them to bring him a pastrami sandwich from a certain vendor in town.

After traveling to the gate area where the attack is expected, Nadarr acquires the pastrami sandwich and delivers it to the Keeper while the rest of the party sink into the shadows in anticipation of the attack. Sure enough, a battle begins later that night just as Elbret enters the courtyard. The guards at the gate are struck by arrows and go down surprisingly easy, while the attackers move into position within the courtyard. Archers on the rooftops rise from cleverly concealed hatches in the roof and begin shooting Elbret. Elbret sustains a few injuries before he is able to retreat into the city and safety.

We leave the party mid-battle, out-numbered by several guards a handful of archers and one red robed woman who seems to be commanding both the mundane forces as well as some kind of magical powers.



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