Session 7

The session opens with the PCs still attempting to hold off the potential assassin squad while Elbret makes his escape. They are outnumbered and scattered across the square. Acheron and Nadarr have managed to wrangle a small group into a corner while Dorian and Marster keep the remaining troups occupied. Then things take an ill-fated turn.

Acheron takes several strikes from both melee and ranged combatants that lays him low. Before the party can react his unconscious body is scooped up by one of the attackers and carried from the fight. The PCs react and attempt to regain possession of their fallen comrade but in the end the villain escapes, body in tow.

The party is quickly surrounded and overwhelmed, each falling unconscious before the onslaught of the raiders. Before Nadarr completely loses consciousness he hears the leader of the raiding group (a woman who was wearing red robes) tell her minions to take the unconscious adventurers back to their headquarters. It takes the effort of several men to pick up Nadarr, and he hears them clearly grumbling about big scaly lizards.



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