Alisara Callum

Chief Speaker of Helm's Hold


Purple Dragon Sigil

Cormyr symbol

Everyone in Helm’s Hold pays deference to Alisara Callum, the town’s elected Chief Speaker. Her ability to inspire loyalty helps to keep the haphazard government functioning. A former soldier now past her prime, Alisara brings a note of legitimacy to the council. She wears a frayed purple tabard with a white dragon sigil- the symbol of her former service with the Purple Dragon Knights of Cormyr – which some locals consider to be her personal coat of arms.

Alisara is well liked, though her policies of accepting the spellscarred irk some in the city. In particular, councilman Doloran Bard, an aging farmer whose family long ago helped build the original monastery, is wary of trusting the direction of Helm’s Hold to an outsider. An unrepentant purist when it comes to the spellscarred, Bard would prefer that the town push out the “unclean” hordes and return the Hold to its original purpose.


Alisara Callum

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