Dagult Neverember

Big, boisterous, and affable.


Dagult Neverember is the current (1479 DR) Open Lord of Waterdeep. He is the heir of Nasher and the father of Renaer Neverember. He also acts as the Lord Protector of Neverwinter spending half of his time in the ruins of the former Jewel of the North, and half at home in Waterdeep.


Dagult is described as a lion of a man and has a quick temper. He seems to care as much about making money as he does about the welfare of his interests. He holds a dislike of demihumans.


Dagult has a stormy relationship with his son Renaer.


He has brown hair and deepset, dark eyes.


Lord Neverember carries a longsword and wears chain mail armor.


Dagult Neverember

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