Doloran Bard

Councilman in Helm's Hold


A portly fellow with dark eyes and a long black beard, Doloran is a spirited and outspoken member of the Helm’s Hold council. He is certainly opposed to the government’s policy of accepting the spellscarred and other freaks into the monastery. He sees it as sacred ground and those being invited there for healing are intruders and invaders in his mind. He does not openly voice this opinion, but it is not hard to figure out by his body language when discussing the issue with the Council.

His opinions on the governing and policies of Helm’s Hold are based on his family history with the monastery. His family has owned a modest farm on the outskirts of the city for generations. Some of his ancestors even assisted with the construction of the monastery and Doloran hates to see their memory disrespected by what he sees as a desecration of their hard work. Doloran is also distrusting of an outsider like Alisara Callum steering the Council and the policies of Helm’s Hold.


Doloran Bard’s youngest child Mel (18 yrs old) happens to be spellscarred and pleads with the characters for help in convincing Bard to cool his incendiary rhetoric.

Doloran Bard

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