Liset Cheldar

Owner of the Moonstone Mask


The half-elf Liset Cheldar runs the Moonstone Mask
with a wink and a smile. She genuinely likes
most of the people she meets, and she flirts with
anyone who seems receptive. A recently returned
native of the city who inherited the inn, Liset was
pleased to find the place still in one piece (and still
floating). The legitimacy of her claim to the Moonstone
was unclear, but, plying her natural charm, she
successfully lobbied Neverember for funds to reopen
the inn, and she maintains a bright smile thanks to
his patronage.

In no small part, the Moonstone Mask owes its
rebirth and current existence to Lord Neverember
and New Neverwinter. It repays the favor by housing
many of the city’s Mintarn enforcers, including their
commander, General Sabine. As such, mercenaries
dominate the once-genial atmosphere of the hedonistic
inn, and Neverember’s sellswords are known to
argue or fight with other patrons.


Liset Cheldar

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