Rathgar Longbottom

Operator of the Tarmalune Trade House


Located far to the West across the Trackless Sea lies the city of Tarmalune. A mercantile city of some renown, it is often considered a rival of the Faerun city of Waterdeep. Seeing an opportunity to break into a market on the Sword Coast side of the Trackless Sea and compete with Waterdeep directly, the city has sent an enterprising merchant by the name of Rathgar to manage and operate the Tarmalune Trade House in Neverwinter. He is a joyful and friendly halfling as is typical of his race, but is no pushover when it comes to making a deal. Or a bet. Rathgar loves to gamble for small trinkets and baubles such as rings, necklaces, loose jewels, unusual hats, decorative weapons, puzzle boxes and other such items of relatively low worth. Rumor has it he keeps a curio cabinet behind the counter at the Trade House which contains all of his winnings which he refers to as his “beauties”. None have yet convinced him to sell, trade or bet on one of his beauties.


Rathgar Longbottom

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