Character Theme Selections

Character Creation Process:

  1. Each player selects 2-3 character themes that they like
  2. Each player develops a race/class combination for each of their themes
    1. race/class can be fleshed out into a full character via the Character Builder
    2. Since I am a generous DM, each of your characters start with basic clothing and 150gp to buy equipment, weapons and adventuring gear. This may be negotiable depending on your character background and bribes offered.
    3. Once created, please add it to the campaign “Characters” tab. Add your character’s Race/Class and any/all background or theme information you may have already generated.
  3. Each player develops a 4 paragraph background for each of their characters
    1. Give a basic description of your character including demeanor with strangers and/or companions, habits, tics, other details that would noticed by discreet observation.
    2. Give a detailed description of what circumstances motivated your character to go out into the world and eventually arrive in Neverwinter.
    3. Add any abstract details about your character such as: enemies he/she may have, particular prejudices he/she may have, fears/phobias, etc.
  4. Each player selects one of their characters to start with. If that character perishes while exploring Neverwinter, you will have the option to bring your second character into the campaign or roll a fresh character up using the steps above (at your own pace).
  5. Either way, you should always have a “backup” character waiting in the wings. In this campaign, I expect your characters to seriously think hard about their odds of survival before engaging in combat.

Finally, the party will agree together on whether their characters know each other or are strangers and under what circumstances they will begin the campaign.

Each player should become acquainted with the supplemental material for their theme and the links provided below. Also, each player should review basic Neverwinter information.

Ben’s Theme Choices

Chris’s Theme Choices

David’s Theme Choices

Nevada’s Theme Choices

Stephanie’s Theme Choices

Party Creation Story
This is how it all began...

Having concluded his training in Everlund, Dorian has taken to the road and traveled to Neverwinter. While his motives for traveling there are unknown, he has nonetheless been in the city for some time. He frequents The Moonstone Mask where he awaits an opportunity to clear his name and complete his mission.

Marster, recently traumatized and lost in the world, happens across a couple of campers. He sees his opportunity for protection and sustenance and hides out in their equipment. Along comes Acheron passing through on his quest to revive his tribe’s honor. Acheron and the two campers agree that it is mutually beneficial to travel together, but Acheron realizes something is amiss. Eventually, he is able to find the pixie stow-away and confront his motives. The two, after some frank discussion and a rather awkward display of pixie dust, establish that they are both looking for allies in nearby Neverwinter and that they could perhaps work together to accomplish their goals. The two of them further agree that the two peasants they are camping with are dumber than a barrel of goblins and they subsequently ditch the campers and make their way to Neverwinter.

In the mean time, Nadarr has had quite the journey traveling across half of Faerun to avenge the murder of someone close to him. As he nears the Neverwinter Wood, he feels strangely drawn toward the city. He begins to dream of a group of companions distinguished by the presence of a pixie. Following his intuition and the calling of his dreams, Nadarr begins the process of tracking down these potential allies. Nadarr arrives in Neverwinter where he bumps into Dorian in the Protector’s Enclave. Nadarr also takes a room at the Moonstone Mask after he convinces Dorian that their allies will arrive soon. Nadarr’s room is conveniently sized correctly to accomodate his larger frame and tail, for which he is grateful.

Soon after Nadarr and Dorian meet in Neverwinter, there is a ruckus at the front gate. It seems a barbarian from one of the Uthgardt tribes is trying to gain access to the city, but he will not allow the Mintarn guards to inspect his rucksack. Neither the Mintarns nor the barbarian show any signs of backing down and a battle is brewing. Nadarr, recognizing the barbarian as another of the companions from his dreams, urges Dorian to intercede. Dorian, in a stunning display of diplomacy and ego stroking, convinces the guards that “Russel” is a trapper and agent of a local trading concern and he assures them that he will make sure “Russel” causes no more trouble. He also pays them 5gp. Each.

The trio proceed into the heart of the city and… (Continued 3/8/2012)

Session 1

Eleasis 16, 1479

The characters pow-wow in a side alley after leaving the gates. Marster is revealed after Nadarr mentions that only the faerie is missing. Much jaw-dropping ensues. Dorian collects pixie dust samples from Acheron’s backpack.

The group adjourns to the moonstone mask. Liset Cheldar falls all over Acheron. Nadarr sits near the door, Acheron near the fireplace. A small brawl breaks out in the dining room while Liset is occupied with the party. She leaves to re-establish peace.

Nadarr confesses his need for revenge against the person who killed his friend, Sue. Marster tells his story of Aramil and that he seeks to avenge his friend.

The party ventures into the Blacklake District en route to the House of a Thousand Faces. They are confronted by a small group of thugs who are easily chased off and they ultimately arrive unmolested. Determined to clear his name Dorian seeks an audience with Theryis. Marster sneaks into the room with Dorian while Nadarr posts guard outside in case their is trouble. Theryis is not convinced that Dorian isn’t the killer and she suggests he keep his pixie under control. He strikes a deal to find the true murderer within a month’s time.

Upon returning to the Moonstone Mask, Liset informs Acheron that General Sabine would be available to see him tomorrow.

Session 2

The following night, all of the guests of the Moonstone Mask were troubled by dreams of the Chasm. It would seem that many of those living in Neverwinter are subjected to such nightly horrors. The following morning, most were awake early, troubled.

Eleasis 17, 1479

While breakfast was had, Acheron waited for his meeting with General Sabine, and Marster played a jaunty tune that the dragonborn Nadarr was quick to dance to, earning many nervous glances from the silently intimidated patrons. Eventually General Sabine arrived, another shining example of Mintarn hospitality. After some rather blunt conversation, Sabine retired to a back room for the meeting.

Acheron asked questions about his tribe, and the shadowed ones that had come to deceive his people. Sabine was lacking in clear answers, instead ultimately directing the party to the House of Knowledge, a temple of Oghma that had been sealed decades ago. After inquiring about some work, the party left, planning to stop by the House of Knowledge on the way to the wall and graveyard to meet with Durham Shaw, the captain at the wall.

They found the place sealed and examined the door more closely. After some insight by Marster, they were able to unseal the vault, much to the surprise of onlookers. Entering the decrepit building, they were greeted by crazed laughter, and chased after the light of a lantern leading down further inside. They were subjected to several traps, ranging from the mildly annoying to the potentially harmful. They eventually ran (literally) into the keeper of the House of Knowledge (whose name escapes me at the moment). His time sealed away had left him somewhat addled, and all of the party’s questions were answered cryptically.

Before any real knowledge could be garnered, a bell was rung outside, warning of impending monsters having escaped into the city. The party quickly traveled back up to the streets to be confronted by several monstrous aberrations. With weapons and implements drawn, they dove into battle. After a short but bloody fight, they were victorious, with Acheron looking more than a little bit cowed by the beating he took.

Session 3

After defeating the malformed creatures near the House of Knowledge, the party followed the advice of General Sabine and looked up Captain Durham “The Bull” Shaw. Dorian, realizing that “Durham” begins with a ‘D’ considered that the knife he had in his possession could belong to the Captain as it has a ‘D’ inscribed into its hilt. Indeed, when he looked at the knife the Captain was wearing, it appeared to be relatively new and certainly less worn than the other weapons Captain Shaw was armed with.

Deciding that discretion was the better part of valor, Dorian did not allow Captain Shaw to know about the knife, determining instead to investigate Shaw further.

Captain Shaw directed the party to the cemetery of Neverdeath where lately it seems that the “recently departed” were going missing from their graves, sometimes showing up in the city as undead. The party headed toward Neverdeath, stopping on the way for some dinner and to purchase any needed supplies. Acheron, having read the owner’s manual that came with his climber’s kit, realized that it did not include rope so he and Marster each bought some. Acheron did not purchase any torches, an oversight which would reveal itself later.

Arriving at the cemetery, the party opened the gate, which protested loudly, and entered. They turned to the right and began following the wall. Mysterious sounds emanated from the interior. By this time, the sun had set, the moon had risen, and only Marster was able to see any distance. Looking intently into the interior of the cemetery and toward the sounds, he saw what appeared to be movement. Dorian sensed a source of arcane power at or near the center of the cemetery. The party decided to investigate.

By being quite stealthy, despite the best efforts of Nadarr to draw attention to themselves, they managed to make their way to a mausoleum of the Waterclock Guild. Unsurprisingly, the entrance was secured with an intricate locking mechanism beyond the abilities of any party member to comprehend, let alone circumvent. Marster flew to the top of the structure and looked out over the cemetery grounds and was finally able to identify the source of the sounds and movement: a veritable horde of undead shambling out from the center toward the walls. As he watched, the leading edge of the horde passed their location, but they remained undetected.

Deciding to investigate further, Acheron made his way stealthily away from the party and further into the interior of the cemetery. Unfortunately, as he progressed, the density of the horde increased and he was ultimately spotted. Despite attempts to hide, several undead closed on his position and he was forced to defend himself.

He enjoyed considerable success; the undead would go down at seemingly the slightest injury. However, for every one he dispatched, two more would take its place. He tried to make his way back to the party but an undead managed to grab him. Alerted by Marster to Acheron’s predicament, the party leapt into the fray.

Nadarr literally blew away the three zombies that had surrounded Acheron using his Dragon Breath. The others laid into the shambling corpses with gusto and success, but even so they knew that they would eventually be overwhelmed by the sheer weight of numbers. After clearing out their immediate vicinity, the party retreated and exited the cemetery.

Once outside, they noticed that the undead were not actually leaving the cemetery but stopping once they reached the wall. The party could have spent the whole night taking potshots at them through the bars of the gate but decided on a different course of action. Come the dawn, they would re-enter the cemetery, make their way to the center, and try to locate the source of magical power that Dorian had sensed.

Session 4

After fleeing the zombie hordes in the graveyard, the party decided to divide forces for the evening. Marster and Nadarr remained at the graveyard, keeping a vigil upon the wall to wait until morning and see what the undead did. In the early hours of the morning, just before the dawn, the zombies began to return to the center of the graveyard, disappearing into a mausoleum.

Meanwhile, after deciding to return to the Moonstone Mask instead of stopping by the wall, Dorian and Acheron were surprised to find a drunken Durham Shaw accosting a traveler, claiming him to be the thief who stole his prized dagger. This happened to be the very same dagger that Dorian was now carrying in his efforts to clear his name of murder. Shaw was far too inebriated to be talked down, so Dorian pried some information from the locals about the incident while Acheron chatted with Liset.

Asmodeus symbol lee moyer Their activities were abruptly disrupted when two men came tumbling down the stairs. One was Shaw’s brother, claiming the other man (whose neck snapped in the fall) had tried to push him down the steps. In the bit of chaos that followed, Dorian convinced Acheron to give the body a look over while he distracted the Mintarn soldiers. Spotting some manner of scar, Acheron opened the man’s shirt to reveal a brand . Dorian was able to identify it as the symbol of Asmodeus (See picture left). The soldiers finally took the body away, and Acheron and Dorian decided to get some rest.

Eleasis 18, 1479

First thing in the morning, they left immediately to rejoin Marster and Nadarr at the graveyard. It was dawn when they arrived, and the party regrouped at the front of the mausoleum. Venturing within, they were beset upon by skeletal foes. The battles were brief, but fierce. Nothing seemed out of the ordinary, though there was almost no trace of where the horde of undead had gone. Thanks to his Arcane knowledge, however, Dorian was finally able to detect some faint connection to the Shadowfell, a thinness to reality. However, the party had no means of accessing this connection.

After checking the other two mausoleums in the center of the graveyard, the party again considered briefly dividing their forces. Marster and Nadarr were fatigued from their nightly vigil, and Acheron and Dorian wanted to continue on to speak with Durham Shaw about what they discovered.

Session 5

With the rising sun we find the party separated again. Marster, the pixie bard, and the bruising Dragonborn Nadarr decide they need some rest and return to the Moonstone Mask in an attempt to find their beds. Their napping is short-lived when Marster is awoken by a knock at his door. The visitor is none other than General Sabine who offers an invitation (command?) from Lord Dagult Neverember to come see him in his office. Marster is non-plussed and Sabine leaves him standing in the doorway after some banter.

Marster rushes to consult with Nadarr only to find the beast screaming bloody murder in his sleep. Nadarr awakens and asks if he had been screaming in his sleep to which Marster replies in the affirmative. They confer briefly about Nadarr’s dream as well as Neverember’s unexpected invitation then set out in search of their comrades.

In the mean time, Dorian and Acheron have spent their time searching for Durham Shaw only to find the wretch drowning his sorrows in ale again at the Moonstone Mask. Dorian and Acheron relate their findings from the graveyard to Durham who laments that he can no longer order any troops to clear the graveyard because of his lost dagger. Dorian then takes Durham aside and explains the circumstances under which he has come to possess Durham’s dagger. Liset enters to serve refreshments to the group whereupon Durham orders her to find his brother Elbret and bring him to the banquet room. Liset rushes off only to run into Marster and Nadarr as they are making their way out of the inn to search for their companions. Liset tips them off that Dorian and Acheron are in the building and why she is rushing to get Elbret. Marster and Nadarr decide to accompany her to Elbret’s room. Nadarr and Liset escort Elbret to the banquet room, but Marster manages to slip into the room just as the door is closing. He ransacks the room and finds a half-written, nearly incomprehensible letter that suggests Elbret is complicit in the loss of Durham’s dagger. He also finds a small cache of gold and jewels that he leaves intact (good pixie!). Marster makes his way to the banquet hall and arrives just as the interrogation festivities begin.

Through means both physical and psychological the party is able to determine that a half-elf with a curly mustache convinced Elbret to lash out at his brother by playing upon his jealousy and humiliation. Elbret agreed to a clandestine meeting at a warehouse in the Protector’s Enclave. He was met by three beings clothed in darkness; one with a woman’s voice but the others didn’t speak. The offer they made was to help him become the new head of his House by deposing his brother Durham Shaw. By losing his dagger, Shaw would fall into disgrace with the Mintarn forces and eventually lose his lands and titles. He would be forced to leave Neverwinter. With him removed from the picture, Elbret could then step in to become the NEW Captain of the Wall when he retrieved the dagger from a known group of murderers and thieves. Elbret was to provide the dagger to Voo (the half-elf) and also the gate codes for the 19th of the month. In exchange, after Shaw’s disgrace was complete, the dagger would be returned to Elbret via a mock attack from the Blacklake district. Shaw decides to take the interrogation from there. He thanks the group for their assistance with Elbret and for investigating the graveyard, then he writes a note for the party to take to the mayor so they can get paid for their efforts.

Liset is waiting just outside the doorway with an anonymous note for the party. It asks the party to send a single representative to the Handsome Lass tavern. Presumably the people sending the note can offer some assistance with a problem the party is wrestling with. Curiousity gets the better of the team and they decide to send Acheron to the meeting because he is glib of tongue and quick witted.

After reading the note, the party decides to divide their efforts yet again. Nadarr returns to his room presumably to continue his nap. The rest of the party heads over to the Hall of Justice where the mayor Soman Galt has his office as well as where Lord Neverember manages the government. The three manage to get their pay check from Soman (along with a hefty bonus, presumably for recovering Shaw’s dagger) without any significant injury or harm although Soman’s erratic behavior results on the guards being called and the three getting surreptitiously deposited on their backsides in front of the Hall (ok, well Marster hovers and flies away but you get the idea). Marster then makes his way to Neverember’s office to find out what such a lofty figure could want from a humble pixie traveler. Dorian and Acheron decide to wait for Marster in front of the Hall in case there is any trouble they might be able to assist.

To everyone’s surprise and amazement Nadarr has begun scaling the wall outside of Neverember’s office! He appears to be oblivious to the gasps and pointed fingers below him as he works his way up the wall, tail slashing from side to side and stones tumbling loose beneath his weight. Far more important is that he also fails to note all of the Mintarn guards that have gathered in the window above him in anticipation of his arrival. Sure enough, he ducks into the window only to be confronted by a dozen or more swords, polearms and decidedly unfriendly Mintarns. For once, prudence prevails over reflex and the Dragonborn warrior surrenders and allows himself to be escorted out of the building without resisting. Much. A couple of guards do have fat lips and bruising…

Marster’s meeting with Neverember is brief and unsatisfactory for both sides. A clear personality clash leads to a terse offer of employment (perhaps showing Neverember’s desperation for documents proving his genetic link to Lord Nasher the ancient King of Neverwinter). As the meeting comes to a close, Neverember seems offended and Marster defensive and suspicious.

Next is the meeting at the Handsome Lass. Marster and Nadarr finally retire for some MUCH needed rest while Dorian and Acheron head over to the meeting. Dorian finds a coffee house about 2 blocks from the tavern and settles in to wait for Acheron’s return. Acheron finds a seat in the tavern and is approached by none other than the man with the curly mustache! The man calls himself ‘Voo’ and he handles Acheron’s direct questions deftly without revealing any meaningful information. Voo explains that he has been directed to take Acheron to a certain location, but he has not been informed for what purpose or who his employers are (his position requires that he be a neutral resource for all parties). Acheron eventually (reluctantly) agrees to go with Voo. He is led across the city into the Blacklake district where he is subsequently hooded and led to a nondescript warehouse.

In the warehouse, a woman and two men in red robes with deep cowls hiding their features wait while Acheron’s eyes adjust to the light. Another person hangs in the background and Acheron’s enhanced doggy senses tell him that something is definitely NOT right with that person, but he cannot put together what the problem might be. Acheron banters with the woman for a while and determines that he is not going to find out who they work for, before getting down to the terms of the agreement. Acheron et al are to go into the Shadowfell city of Evernight through the thin spot between this reality and the deathly realm which they discovered in the graveyard. Once they are there, they are expected to locate and sabotage the Thayan supply train running between Thay and Evernight. To help them accomplish this mission they will receive a magic ring that makes the wearer appear to be a zombie or ghoul in all ways and also a ritual scroll that will open a portal bridging any ‘thin’ spot between this plane and the Shadowfell. After completing the mission, the party will be rewarded with a magical item of significant power. They will also prove their worth and potentially open new doors for future jobs and rewards. Acheron is uncertain and so the woman tells him that if the party decides to take her offer they should poor a pint of ale over a particular barrel outside the Moonstone Mask. The ring and ritual will be delivered to them. Acheron is then hooded and led back to the Blacklake district once more where he meets Voo and is escorted back into the Protector’s Enclave.

Dorian and Acheron ponder this new situation as they return to the Moonstone Mask and head to their beds.

Session 6

Eleasis 19, 1479

The party gets up early and runs off in search of a nearby market where Acheron purchases torches and Marster a violin. Nadarr chooses to tell everyone about the horrible nightmares he has been having where he is going to or being tortured in the Chasm. There is some discussion about the wisdom of rushing off to a place that nobody has ever returned from and eventually the decision is made to seek more information from the House of Knowledge.

As they are making their way to the temple, Durham Shaw manages to catch up with them and request that they undertake a dangerous mission. He thinks that there will be an attack at a certain gate between the Protector’s Enclave and the Blacklake district that evening. His brother, Elbret, was told to go to this attack wherein he would defeat the bandits, find Shaw’s dagger, and thereby claim the power of Durham’s rank and nobility for himself. Since the attempt failed, Shaw believes the attackers will now attempt to assassinate his brother in the attack instead. The group is asked to accompany Elbret using him as bait to draw out the attackers, then capture one or more of the insurgents. The party is to keep Elbret safe, of course. After accepting the quest the adventurers proceed to the House of Knowledge.

In the House, the party is again drawn into a mad dash through the maze of traps only to find the Keeper again out of breath and impressed with their fortitude. He answers their questions in his usual cryptic manner. Marster learns that their may be some of the documents Lord Neverember is seeking in the Vault, but that he will have to defeat or disable the dragon spirit that guards the entrance. The key to defeating the dragon is in the vault of the Neverwinter Nine hidden within Castle Never. Nadarr, Acheron and Dorian all ask some questions related to the Chasm and the group decides to leave. When asked how they can repay him, the Keeper asks them to bring him a pastrami sandwich from a certain vendor in town.

After traveling to the gate area where the attack is expected, Nadarr acquires the pastrami sandwich and delivers it to the Keeper while the rest of the party sink into the shadows in anticipation of the attack. Sure enough, a battle begins later that night just as Elbret enters the courtyard. The guards at the gate are struck by arrows and go down surprisingly easy, while the attackers move into position within the courtyard. Archers on the rooftops rise from cleverly concealed hatches in the roof and begin shooting Elbret. Elbret sustains a few injuries before he is able to retreat into the city and safety.

We leave the party mid-battle, out-numbered by several guards a handful of archers and one red robed woman who seems to be commanding both the mundane forces as well as some kind of magical powers.

Session 7

The session opens with the PCs still attempting to hold off the potential assassin squad while Elbret makes his escape. They are outnumbered and scattered across the square. Acheron and Nadarr have managed to wrangle a small group into a corner while Dorian and Marster keep the remaining troups occupied. Then things take an ill-fated turn.

Acheron takes several strikes from both melee and ranged combatants that lays him low. Before the party can react his unconscious body is scooped up by one of the attackers and carried from the fight. The PCs react and attempt to regain possession of their fallen comrade but in the end the villain escapes, body in tow.

The party is quickly surrounded and overwhelmed, each falling unconscious before the onslaught of the raiders. Before Nadarr completely loses consciousness he hears the leader of the raiding group (a woman who was wearing red robes) tell her minions to take the unconscious adventurers back to their headquarters. It takes the effort of several men to pick up Nadarr, and he hears them clearly grumbling about big scaly lizards.


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