Blacklake District

This region of Never winter stands largely intact in the
wake of the cataclysm. Credit for the survival of the
Blacklake District goes mostly to the nobles of Neverwinter
who dwelt here and constructed their homes
with extra support, both material and magical. Many
of these nobles died in the fire that swept the area
after the cataclysm, but their houses remain.

The district holds a large number of overgrown
estates, scores of stout, defensible holdfasts, and a
large park that contains the lake for which the region
is named. The water was polluted by a great deal of
ash and rubbish in the quake, and today Blacklake
looks more like a midden pit of sludge than a lake.
Some locals are making an effort to dredge it and
restore the surrounding environs.

The Driftwood Tavern

An inn and tavern that caters mainly to longtime
locals, the Driftwood Tavern takes pride in having
kept its doors open since before the Spellplague.
When the cataclysm struck, innkeeper Madame
Rosene, a serious woman now in her late fifties,
sheltered refugees within her walls. The Driftwood
offered people a makeshift city hall and gathering
place during the troubled years.

The Beached Leviathan

The Beached Leviathan tavern caters to sailors, smugglers,
pirates, slavers, merchants, and others arriving
by sea. Its innkeeper, a sallow former pirate captain
named Harrag, lost a leg in a battle with sahuagin
long ago. The name of the tavern honors his ship,
Leviathan, which ran aground during a storm before
the docks had been rebuilt. The tavern is built in
and around the refurbished wreckage of the ship.
(Patrons also joke that the name refers to Harrag and
his expanding waistline.)

The Swamped Docks

Below the more recent construction lie the remnants
of the original docks: a splintering, rotting mass of
ancient wood and stone that makes any number of
natural lairs for aquatic creatures or hideouts for
those on the run from the Mintarns.

This area was partially submerged during the city’s
devastation. Now, half-sunken buildings rot beneath
seaweed, the drowned dead float through foul water,
and amphibious horrors crawl up onto land. No one,
not even Lord Neverember, looks forward to cleaning
up this area, but the job must be tackled eventually.
The city’s hand might be forced soon-sahuagin have
been Sighted in the bay, and disappearances from
nearby areas have become common. Rumor has it
that a halfling gang operates out of the swamped
docks, led by a sneak thief named Palas. The halflings
prey on those who wander the docks alone or in the dark.

Vellgard Manor

At least one noble villa in the Blacklake District
houses its actual owner. The dashing Mordai Veil,
holds sway over a small, well-guarded compound
known as Vellgard Manor. The estate is an armed compound
flanked by metal gates and hidden guards. An inner wall
creates a killing field that could stop a small army.

House of a Thousand Faces

With its broad windows and comfortable couches,
this tavern is a popular gathering place in the
Blacklake District. Amid mannequins dressed in
the threadbare trends of thirty years past, patrons
lounge about the airy interior, drinking, laughing,
and scheming.

Named for the dozens of mirrors and mannequins
positioned about the common room, the House of
a Thousand Faces once was a fashionable boutique.
The cataclysm crippled the house’s business, and the
owner, an elf named Theryis, packed up her remaining
goods and closed her doors. When the city’s
population began to recover and increase, she opened
the shop again as a tavern, using the dusty clothes
and mirrors as decoration.

Blacklake District

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