Castle Never

An imposing fixture of Neverwinter’s western end,
Castle Never stands as a monument to the city’s
former glory. The cataclysm struck it hard, toppling
towers, collapsing walls, and starting fires that
burned throughout the structure. The entire royal
family is thought to have perished, and the remaining
servants sealed the vaults, crypts, and grounds with
the hope that a worthy heir to Neverwinter would
arrive one day to take his or her rightful place on the
throne. On that day, it is said, the magic treasures and
other resources of the castle will serve the new ruler.

To the uninformed eye, Castle Never looks like
a big, hulking ruin. Half its towers fell in the cataclysm,
and the wall on its seaward side crumbled to
rubble. Chunks of stone and fallen statues litter the
windswept courtyard. Inside, the stone corridors
stink of ash and dust, which swirls up around the feet
of intruders. Even in their emptiness, the corridors
never seem vacant. The spirits of the hundreds who
died here linger on.

The castle was built on a strong foundation, however,
and if the structure were purged of monsters,
it could be refurbished. Many of the interior rooms
collapsed, but others stand eerily intact. The least
damaged parts of the castle are also the best fortified:
the firmly locked armory, the great hall, and the Neverneath

Ghosts of Castle Never

Having died in the cataclysm that killed their city,
the heirs of Alagondar and their closest servants still
dwell in their palatial home, bound to its crumbling
foundation. Some wail like banshees or weep helplessly
at their current existence, but others seem to
have accepted their fate and offer encouragement or
cryptic secrets to visitors. The ghosts are as likely to
ignore intruders as attack them. Few ghosts are willing
to provide hints to the location of treasure hidden
in the castle, and they respond violently to perceived
thieves. The ghosts might or might not know the location
of the Crown of Never winter, and those who do
are unlikely to give straight answers.

Drow Encampment

The courtyard of Castle Never bears the traces of a
camp that was well hidden but has become increasingly
obvious from frequent use. The camp originally
belonged to an infamous pair of drow: Drizzt
Do’Urden, legendary ranger of the North, and the
less well-regarded Jarlaxle, captain of the Bregan
D’aerthe mercenaries. The two drow were in the area
when the cataclysm claimed Neverwinter, and they
still have interests in the region. Specifically, they are
looking for clues to tie up a Thayan loose end from
their last mission. The drow established this camp as
a base of operations in Neverwinter, enabling them to
keep an eye on their schemes in the city.

Hall of Ashen Mirrors

Full-length mirrors once adorned the walls of this
long corridor, wherein young heirs of Alagondar
practiced their noble gait and posture. The mirrors
shattered in the cataclysm, instantly killing anyone in
the corridor at the time, just before a wave of searing
gas blasted through the huge windows and turned
the corpses to ash. This double catastrophe left the
hallway a wasteland of soot and splintered glass.

Charged with the spiritual energy of those who
died here, the chamber’s ash and broken glass are
capable of rising up, recreating the mirrors and the
people present at the time of the fatal explosion. This
process begins immediately when any living creature
enters the corridor. Although the reenactment plays
out slowly, an intruder who tarries in the hall will
witness a replaying of the horrific events- complete
with flying glass shards and burning doom.

Neverneath, Endless Maze

The catacombs beneath Castle Never came through
the cataclysm mostly untouched, thanks to a warding
spell commissioned in times past to maintain the
structural integrity of the castle. However, the Spellplague
wrought strange changes upon the ward, which
has grown in strength as a result of the seeping influence
of the active plague deep under the earth. What
once protected the catacombs now traps intruders.

The complex beneath Castle Never, called Neverneath
by locals, closes around trespassers. Corridors
lead back around to themselves, and dead ends appear
where tunnels led only moments before. Explorers can
step through a door, turn around and go back through
the same door, and end up in a different part of the
dungeon. They can wander the abandoned halls and
chambers for days without finding an exit.

Vault of the Nine

Beneath the center of Neverneath lies a vault built
especially for the legendary bodyguards of House
Alagondar-the Neverwinter Nine. These great warriors
served their beloved city in life, and they lie
entombed with honor at her very foundation.

Castle Never

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