Protectors Enclave

The Lord Protector of Neverwinter rules the city from
the Hall of Justice, the old temple of Tyr. Farthest
from the source of the great earthquake that struck
Mount Hotenow almost three decades ago, this area
of Neverwinter suffered the least destruction.

The Protector’s Enclave stands mostly intact, and
many former residents of the city have returned to
live here alongside new immigrants. Although this
district is the most stable part of Neverwinter, it
chafes under the firm hand of Sabine, the general of
Lord Neverember’s forces. Spies watch every neighborhood
and notable gathering place, and Mintarn
enforcers march through the streets watching every
newcomer to the district with a sharp eye. When the
townsfolk complain, Neverember shifts the blame
to one or another of his subordinates and is subsequently
hailed as a hero for making an example of the
supposed scoundrel. He assures the citizens that he is
doing his best in a bad situation.

The Enclave boasts the best-stocked
market in the city, thanks to trade from
Waterdeep and other cities along the Sword Coast.
The city taxes all transactions made here at a steep
rate that the natives have grudgingly come to accept.
In the enclave, suspicious or unfamiliar characters do
not stay hidden for long.

The Lord’s Residence

From his office Lord Neverember issues
edicts, coordinates the activities of his followers, and
(when he can spare the time) holds audience with
the impoverished citizens of the city. However, he
has no facility for dispensing justice, and he thinks it
would be politically foolish to portray himself as the
city’s magistrate. Thus, he has delegated that role to
Soman Galt, whom he has appointed mayor of Neverwinter.
The dwarf listens wearily to supplicant after
supplicant, offering grudging mediation and taking
the blame for Neverember’s policies. Meanwhile, the
lord enhances his image as the charismatic champion
who does not stoop to petty politics.

Hall of Justice

The high walls and imposing stonework of Tyr’s former
temple mark it as a timeless bastion of duty and honor.
The great temple stands atop a seaside bluff, challenging
all threats from the Sea of Swords or inland Faerun.

The Moonstone Mask

A vertigo-inducing journey along a cliffside trail
takes the adventurous to a new fixture ofthe Neverwinter
skyline. The earthmote now known as the
Moonstone floats beside the western edge of the Protector’s
Enclave, high over the docks below. It hangs
a hundred feet above the crashing waves of the Sea
of Swords, bound in place by thick chains strung to
heavy anchors. A bridge that runs between the earthmote
and the docks allows visitors to enter and exit
the Moonstone. The inn for which the mote is named,
the Moonstone Mask, offers guests lavish quarters,
pleasurable company, and a hard-to-beat view.

The Wall

A great hodgepodge of wood and scavenged stone, the
Wall separates civilized Neverwinter from the Chasm
and the horrors it spawns. The Wall lets guards strike
at targets from positions of relative safety, and it provides
regular outposts for watchers. The thick mess of
bloodstained refuse at the eastern base- not to mention the
occasional rotting corpse of a more recent kill-
speaks to the Wall’s success as a defensive fortification.

House of Knowledge

At the far northeastern end of the Wall stands what
was, in happier times, a flourishing temple to Oghma,
god of knowledge and wisdom. Before the quake,
the House of Knowledge served as a repository of
chronicled learning, including maps, history, and
hundreds of poems and chapbooks produced over the
centuries. Today, it looks less like a library and more
like a refugee camp, holding the area where the Wall
approaches the Neverwinter River.


A cracked stone wall, patched in places with thick
wood, surrounds the graveyard called Neverdeath.
Consisting of two wide, roughly square areas of the
city, Neverdeath is filled with rows of headstones
interspersed with mausoleums and crumbling statues,
often overgrown with withered grasses. Time, the
Spellplague, and the cataclysm all took their toll on
the graveyard, thrusting some sections higher than
others, collapsing buildings, and revealing graves.
Coffins now jut from small cliffs, and tumbled bones
litter the ground.

The Waterclock Crypts

Beneath a large, unassuming mausoleum lie the catacombs
of the Waterclock Guild, an organization of
artisans famous for building beautiful and intricate

Neverwinter Docks

Much of Neverwinter’s original wealth and influence
came from its position as one of the few deep ports
on the Sword Coast. The Neverwinter docks were the
commercial heart of the city, though in some ways
that heart was infected with darkness and corruption.

Tarmalune Trade House

The rebuilt docks have attracted visitors from across
the sea- members of a trade cartel from the city of
Tarmalune in Returned Abeir. They have arrived
in Neverwinter to arrange permanent trade routes
between the two continents, and to outmaneuver
their rivals from the Abeiran city of Lylorn, who have
landed in Luskan with a similar goal.
The Abeirans have set up shop in a large warehouse
complex next to a set of docks that are being
rebuilt. The Tarmalune Trade House is a busy area
where contacts gather, deals are made, and adventurers
find their services in high demand.

Protectors Enclave

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