River District

The River District takes its name from the terrain
feature that has saved it from being overrun- namely,
the Neverwinter River, which holds at bay the plaguechanged
forces that emerge from the Chasm to the south.

The bulk of Neverwinter’s merchant class once
dwelt here, and the architecture shows it. The houses
were sturdily built, and although they are not ostentatious,
most are large enough to have held a family of
six or eight plus servants. Guardhouses and security
walls abound, offering cover for skirmishers looking
to ambush unsuspecting visitors. Long flower gardens
run through the center of each street, although over
the years they have gone to weeds or decay.

One might think the Mintarns could have pacified
the River District by now, but safety proves elusive,
mostly due to a band of orcs in the ancient Cloak Tower
at the eastern edge of the area. New Neverwinter’s forces
occasionally venture into the district, but generally
only as far as the Fallen Tower tavern. That
establishment serves as neutral ground for negotiations
between Lord Neverember and Vansi of the orcs, to
whom the rest of the district belongs.

Beasts from the surrounding wilderness occasionally
stalk the streets here, hunting for food. Even
if the orcs were not present, the other dangerous
creatures would be reason enough for refugees to
avoid this district, regardless of whether their houses
remain standing.

For now, a hastily erected barrier seals most of the
River District from Blacklake. It usually stands unattended,
since the Mintarn guards have better things
to do than patrol the barrier, opting instead to post
signs warning people away. Some people enter the
district despite these warnings. The relative privacy
makes discreet liaisons and daredevil games frequent
occurrences in the River District, and stern parents
have to caution youngbloods with a thirst for adventure
against going in.

The Shard of Night

A bleak tower of black stone hovers above a cluster of
ruined apartments in the River District, seemingly
sheared off at its base when it was torn from whatever
location it once occupied. The tower has been here
since the Spellplague, but no one who investigated
the structure in the early years after its appearance
ever returned, so people decided to leave it alone.

The Shard of Night rises high into the sky over
Neverwinter, but it casts no shadow during the day.
Any creature that passes under the tower in daylight
sees its own shadow disappear, as if the tower were
absorbing the darkness. During the night, the tower
casts a shadow by the light of the moon that looms
over much of the area around the place. Nearby
residents believe that the Shard of Night is haunted,
since no one or thing is ever seen to come or go, yet
sounds sometimes echo down from the opening in
its base.

River District

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