Spellscarred Harbinger

I’ve seen horrors you haven’t even dreamed. Whether I sleep or wake, the nightmares follow me.

Nearly a century ago, Faerun was ravaged by the
Spellplague. Few of those alive today can describe
this scourge firsthand, and every story disagrees in
the details. Landscapes changed, whole cities vanished,
and alien nations installed themselves where
barren wasteland and the ruins of past civilizations
had stood for millennia. Magic failed or went wild,
and thousands upon thousands died horribly. Those
who encountered the plague directly, either initially
or in the long years since, have been forever changed
by its touch. Most are horribly deformed or otherwise
cursed- even as a rare few gain a strange kind
of power.

Someone seeing you as a youth might not have
known you were bound to such a twisted destiny. You
were a normal person, living out a normal life. You
had family and friends, and you were looking forward
to marriage and children to carryon your legacy.
These simple pleasures were not to be yours, however-
not once the nightmares began. You ignored the
visions at first, but you could not do so for long.

One night, you awoke from a nightmare screaming,
engulfed in blue flames that were no dream. Though
it did not harm you, this unnatural fire wreaked
havoc on everything nearby, consuming your home
and those you loved, their screams echoing as they
burned. When the flames died away, they left in
their wake disfigurements on the bodies of the deadwarped
limbs, blue scar tissue, or strange runes in a
language you did not recognize. Though you survived
the destruction, your body was likewise scarred.

Hated for the harm you inflicted unintentionally
and despised for your deformity, you fled your home
in fear. Dependent on the aid of strangers to survive,
you were saved when a wandering priest sworn to
Ilmater, god of compassion, directed you to Helm’s
Hold outside the city of Neverwinter. There, he
promised, people like you were welcome. “The spellscarred,” he called you.

During your journey, you have tried to puzzle
out the reason for the emergence of your curse, to
no certain success. Perhaps you were exposed to
the Spellplague long ago, and it then lay dormant in
you for years. Some say the curse can be inherited
by blood, and so the affliction will lead inevitably to
more death-for you and those around you.

You fear that your time grows short. Whenever
you rest, the nightmares that haunted you before
your scarring return, coupled with visions of magical
cataclysms wreathed in blue flame. You have grown
accustomed to looking over your shoulder at all times,
struggling to trust even those who seek to aid you.

A time is coming when you’ll be able to conceal
your true nature no longer. When that day comes,
how will you embrace your uncertain destiny? And
can the people in Helm’s Hold truly help you?


Any character who bears a spellscar, including one
who has the spellscarred harbinger theme, has the
following innate abilities.

Spellscarred Susceptibility: A spellscarred
creature takes a -1 penalty to all defenses and all
saving throws against the Spell plague and the same
penalty when it is attacked by a plaguechanged
creature or another spellscarred creature.

Spellplague Sense: A spellscarred creature
knows when an area of Spell plague, or a plaguechanged
or spellscarred creature, is within 5 squares
of him or her.

Spellscarred Harbinger

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