Underground Neverwinter

True danger in Neverwinter lurks in places the sun
never touches- in the darkness beneath hundreds of
tons of stone. Underground ruins abound in a city
that has suffered so much damage. The Mintarn
enforcers rarely venture belowground, preferring to
deal with threats if and when they emerge onto the
surface. Thus, sewers and crypts make perfect lairs
for all sorts of creeping, scheming evil.

Shattered Sewers

Provided one is willing to risk getting lost or being
attacked, the extensive sewers provide a means of
moving about the city. This method of travel is confusing
and potentially deadly, however- one never
knows when a building overhead will collapse, bringing
part of the ceiling down with it, or when a group
of underworld squatters might ambush intruders. The
tunnels near the Chasm are particularly hazardous
because they are nearly overrun with plaguechanged
and aberrant creatures.

The forces of New Neverwinter rarely search the
sewers, so rebels and schemers use the filthy tunnels

Kraken Tunnels

An underground maze shaped vaguely like an octopus,
this complex once belonged to the Kraken
Society, a ruthless conglomerate of slavers and blackmarket
traders that sought to control the Sword
Coast. Many rooms throughout the complex have
openings in their floors, revealing the dark, murky
water that lies beneath.

Underground Neverwinter

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