The Gray Wolf tribe’s “settlement” is built by, and for,
nomads. Constructed in a sparse stretch of Neverwinter Wood,
Vellosk is made up mostly of lean-tos and hide tents.
Only a few scattered buildings- pack leaders’
homes, the feast hall, and a couple of other group
structures- are more substantial, resembling primitive
log cabins.

This simple, slapdash architecture doesn’t reflect
tribe members’ intelligence or ability; rather, it illustrates
their collective lack of interest in permanent
residences. The wild Gray Wolf barbarians have no
desire to lock themselves away from nature or to be
saddled with homes that cannot be moved or abandoned
at a moment’s notice.

All of Gray Wolf culture is similarly minimalist.
Most tribe members spend the bulk of their time
hunting or sparring. And given their regenerative
abilities, most choose to “spar” with real blades. Only
youngsters bother with art or games. Meanwhile,
adult Gray Wolf crafters work exclusively on making
useful objects, such as armor, weapons, tools, and
utensils. The tribe has no elders. Like true wolf packs,
the barbarians abandon or kill those who are too
infirm to contribute. In embracing their animalistic,
predatory nature, the Gray Wolves have chosen a
pack mentality over the notion of community.

That said, the Gray Wolves haven’t entirely abandoned
tradition. They still venerate tribal spirits and
the god Uthgar. They still participate in coming-of-age
ceremonies in which new adult members receive
tattoos in an ink made, in part, from the blood of
their first kill. They tell tales of past exploits and
tribal heroes. Although the Gray Wolves prefer to eat
their meals raw regardless of the form they currently
wear, tradition dictates that one member of the tribe
cook a bit of meat each night, and another member
eat the “burned” food. This ceremony is intended to
ensure that none forget how to behave if they must
ever blend in with weak, civilized humans.

Vellosk is rarely teeming with tribe members. Most
of its werewolves are usually elsewhere, either hunting
or fighting- often on behalf of the Netherese- or
camped out waiting for battles yet to come. One Gray
Wolf pack leader stays home to oversee Vellosk while
the others are out in the wild. It’s not a position any
of the leaders covets, but each takes a turn, swapping
every new moon.


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