Waterdeep, City of Splendors and “Crown of the North”

Waterdeep is the most important and influential city in the North and perhaps in all Faerûn. The road to Waterdeep is well paved and well patrolled. The city is the hub of trading from the mineral-rich lands to the north, the merchant kingdoms of Amn and Calimshan to the south, the kingdoms of the Inner Sea to the east, and the sea kingdoms and traders to the west. Waterdeep authority extends between thirty to forty miles from its walls where over a million people make their home.

Waterdeep is ruled by a council whose membership is largely secret. These hidden Lords of Waterdeep maintain their identities behind magical masks, called helms and while they rule in public, none know the true identities of most of them. The subject of who the Lords are is a common topic of noble conversation, and some consider it a game to discover whom the Lords are, a game made more confusing by the fact the Lords themselves set their own rumors afloat.

The Open Lord of Waterdeep is the sole member of the Lords of Waterdeep whose identity is publicly known. There is only one Open Lord at any one time, but when the previous one dies or steps down, he or she is replaced by a new one.

Dagult Neverember is the current (1479 DR) Open Lord of Waterdeep. He is the father of Renaer Neverember and the heir of Nasher. He also acts as the Lord Protector of Neverwinter spending half of his time in the ruins of the former Jewel of the North, and half at home in Waterdeep.

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