Dorian Highwater

Nevada's Harper Agent character


Race: Human
Class: Bard
Tradition: Leaning toward Cunning Bard


I am the son of a successful merchant, Farlan Highwater, and his wife, Allana, who live in Waterdeep. I was not the first-born so I did not stand to inherit the business. I have an older brother, who is named after my father. I also have a younger brother and sister, named Garran and Amella.

While I wouldn’t say my father was cold toward me, he devoted the majority of his attention to my elder brother, grooming him to take the reins of his trading business when the time came for him to retire. As such I often had to find my entertainment elsewhere. I made friends with children my age who live around the harbor where the ships carrying my father’s goods would dock. For many of them, life was hard and I often saw first-hand the callousness that the rich and powerful often displayed toward those of lesser birth and means.

While my elder brother loved the sea and had a good head for the business, I always felt drawn to a different path. It turns out I had an aptitude for music. My father was only too happy to provide for my education in order to give me something to do. When my latent magical talents were revealed, my instructor recognized what he was seeing and arranged for me to obtain additional instruction in how to utilize them. My ability was kept secret from my father who was led to believe that I was just an exceptionally good musician and readily agreed to it.

Then came the day everything changed.

I was at the city market with my younger siblings one day when suddenly I realized they weren’t with me anymore. I searched around for them thinking they had perhaps been distracted by some interesting bauble in one of the shops or stalls. When I couldn’t find them, I found a member of the city guard and told him they were missing. He and others searched but to no avail. Days passed with no further result and no ransom demands were ever received.

Eventually the search was called off. My father mounted his own investigation, spending considerable sums of money to do so. As a successful merchant, he had certain contacts with the underworld but they proved of no assistance except to make clear that they were not taken for any of the usual reasons young children are kidnapped. But after only a few days, he suddenly stopped. He couldn’t give a satisfactory explanation to my mother why he did so, only saying that there was no hope and he couldn’t continue. But from what he said and how he said it, I got the impression that someone or some group in power had commanded him to stop.

My father became a cold and distant man, running his business with quiet efficiency. My mother never forgave him giving up on their children and descended into despair. My brother, ever dutiful, continued learning the business and helping my father run it. I continued my special lessons, my father almost absent-mindedly paying for them.

Then one day I was talking of my family troubles to my instructor, Toric, and railing against the injustice of it all. He took me aside and asked if I wanted to do something about it. When I answered yes he told me of the Harpers. I had heard of them and their exploits and I knew at that moment it was where my destiny lay. He put me in touch with a local representative and it wasn’t long before I was on my way to Everlund to enlist in their ranks.

I have never forgotten that day in the market. And someday I hope to solve the mystery of what happened to my brother and sister, and bring justice to those responsible.

Dorian Highwater

Neverwinter Nevada