Ben's Dragonborn Fighter (Weaponmaster)


Player: Ben
Race: Dragonborn
Class: Fighter (Weaponmaster)
Theme: Spellscarred Harbinger


I don’t remember who my father was and I don’t remember much of my childhood. I get periodic flashbacks, but it’s almost like looking through a foggy window and all of them bring pain and misery. I’m not quite sure I want to remember what I’m forgetting. I decided not to dwell on the past and focus on what the future brings. I decided that no matter who I was in the past, from now on I will try and be friendly and courteous to all my neighbors and help others more than I help myself.

While exploring Phlan, I heard someone yell out “Thief!” and I turned and saw someone running with a bag. I turn to head him off when he then trips on a stump and drops his weapons as well a bag. I checked the contents of the bag and saw that he had stolen some food so I then said to him: “You can either pick up your weapons and fight me for the stolen items, or you can return them and apologize and I will give you part of my own rations for one meal.” I learned the farmers name was Sue and she informed me to be careful, that more and more of the thieves in the area are fighting for what they steal and there have been some reported deaths in the area.

I later got word of a thief who had slain a family to get what he wanted. I had a strange feeling when I heard this news and immediately thought of Sue and her family. I immediately dropped what I was doing and went to check on her. As I neared her place a strange silence fell upon the area. When I reached her door, I found that it was broken into several pieces. When I entered a horrible stench filled the air and my worries were confirmed. I couldn’t understand what would bring someone to murder an innocent family. This thief had to pay with his life, so I set off to find this coward. The tracks led me to areas that I have never before seen, it looked like the area had been abandoned a long time ago. I later found out this area was known as the Empire of Shadows.

Near the Black Road, I found the coward and chased him through ruins. I took a shortcut to catch him and when I headed him off he just smiled at me…why was he smiling? I looked around and realized that the walls around me had several runes on them with a mystical glow, the glow seemed to be getting stronger and stronger. He started backing away from me, I could not let this murderer escape, he must pay for what he had done! I started moving towards him and immediately I was engulfed in blue flames all over my body, yet I felt no pain. I looked up as the flames died down and he was nowhere to be found. What had just happened to me? I noticed that I now had a blue scar that wrapped around my right arm.

I looked all over for tracks to know which direction to go next yet I could not find any trace. Unable to find anything, I found a place to rest for the night and slept. That night is when the horrible nightmares started. When I awoke, I decided to continue in the general direction that I had been for the last few days, in search of this murderer. After weeks of searching with no success the image of his face with the evil grin began to haunt me, every time I closed my eyes I saw it and it reminded me how I failed.

One night while I was exhausted and frustrated, I had a strange dream. Inside the dream there was that same blue flame that had fully engulfed me in those abandoned ruins. At first, that’s all that I could remember of the dream. I started to dream of Neverwinter and every time I did, the blue flame was present in the dream as well. When I’d wake up, a sudden urge to go to Neverwinter would wash over me. I ignored this for a few days, but the urge and the dreams became stronger and stronger so I finally decided to make my way towards Neverwinter. Once I got closer to Neverwinter, the dreams stopped focusing on Neverwinter as much and started showing me other images. I feared that the dreams were actually nonsense as they started showing me what appeared to be a pixie. However one night, the images were of the pixie and a few others all with their weapons drawn looking at someone or something in the distance. The dreams continued like this and I was becoming increasingly frustrated at not being able to see what they were looking at.

As I neared Neverwinter I was approached by a strange woman who wore runic jewelry and carried a few potions. She handed me a small bottle and told me that it would answer a question I had been struggling to find the answer to, however the answer doesn’t come free. When I looked back up at her to ask what she was talking about, she was nowhere to be found. I toyed with the idea of taking it for several days after receiving this mysterious potion…Could this answer who or what they are looking at in my dreams? What did she mean it didn’t come free? Frustration got the better of me, and one morning after waking up from the dream I quickly drank the potion. After drinking it nothing happened and I laughed at how stupid I had been to expect it to actually work. The following night however, while the dream was the same dream, it was different at the same time. I was now in this dream, alongside the Pixie and friends. With weapons drawn we approached the figure in the distance and when he turned around I saw a smile from beneath the hood, I immediately recognized the smile and knew instantly that this was Sue’s murderer. I woke up suddenly and noticed right away that the area around me was completely burned. I looked down at myself and the blue scar from the flames was no longer just on my right arm, it was now glowing slightly and had spread across my chest and circled around my left arm. I must find this group and ally myself with them!


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